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I was in a very difficult position as my home was going to be auctioned off at the court house in less than 30 days.  When I received a letter from Blue Star Home Solutions with an offer to help.  I made the call asking for help.  Marc and Carol were so supportive throughout the process.  They negotiated with the Bank to have the auction stopped in just two weeks.  I was able to stay in my house for six more months and celebrate the holidays in the house were my daughters were raised. I cannot thank Blue Star Home Solutions enough for helping me through this process and allowing me to maintain my dignity.

Lynn V.   12/2015

As a 72 year old widow I decided to move out of state to live with my 90+ mother.  Blue Star Home Solutions was in the process of renovating a neighboring house, so I stopped by and spoke with Marc.  They were turning an old run down house into the nicest home in the neighborhood.  I asked if they would be interested in buying the house that I had lived in for over 40 years.  In one day I had an offer that meet by needs and sold the house in less than 30 days.

Edna B.  11/2016

I walked into this house that was just renovated by Blue Star Home Solutions and I knew this was the house where my future Husband and I would raise our children.  The design and quality of work was as if the 70 year old house was just built.  It is the home I have dreamt about for so long.

Traci D. 8/2016

This house is the best renovation I have ever inspected.  I have tried my best but I cannot find anything wrong with the house or workmanship.  It is even better than most new construction houses.

Home Inspector  3/2017

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